Favourite Music I’ve found in this fuckup of a year x

I’m not even going to pretend 2016 hasn’t been a fuck up of a year, I believe the universe has just gotten sick of humanity as a whole and has decided to kill loads of my favourite people, and my faith in the political system, just for the kicks

But I am overjoyed I’ve crawled my way out of my ‘Don’t call me evie…I AM EVIE NICKS and will listen to nothing but fleetwood mac’ phase, and have come accross so many interesting/badass/different/amazing bands and people that I like so much i’ve awoken this cold,dead blog.

Not new in the slightest…

  1. Bikini kill


Kathleen Hanna was my hero for a solid 5 months, from the moment I heard her scream ‘IM YOUR SELF FORFILLING PORNO QUEEN’ into an audience packed with skeptical guys confused and angry at the back, and an array of people dancing wildly at the front. She’s a feminist and the one who spraypainted ‘kurt smells like teen spirit’ on the wall, and there’s a million other reasons i love her.The band’s dealt with all sorts of abuse from all kinds of people at the time…being branded as ‘sluts’ ‘dykes’ ‘manhaters’ while being told they can’t play their instruments and make punk look like a joke. It’s sad as they made a whole comunity based on self/girl love, acceptance, music, zines and issues everyone was encouraged to keep quiet.

I feel like the last person on the internet who’s heard of riot grrrl but It’s really made an impact with me. They have so many amazing songs, and…yeah, they didn’t sound like the most professional, polished thing in music that’s not the point! They had a lot of important shit to say and even though i know the riot grrrl movement had it’s problems it was a maaassivee step in the right direction.

Also is it too late to write my own zine?

My favourite songs: Tony RandallSugar

2. The Cure


I ended up seeing them 2 weeks ago!! They sounded just like they did 30 years ago, and I have so much respect for them because who else could handle a 3 hour set??!! Each album sounds like it could be a completely different band as they’re so different to eachother, from super dark emo territory to the light fluffy poppy side of them.

Fun fact: Robert Smith Met morrissey at a halloween party and playfully punched him on the arm. Morrissey just closed his eyes and cried.

Highlights: A forrest , The Lovecats


3. Marmozetes


They’re post-Hardcore and Becca can totally fucking sing. Listening to one of their songs will just make your eyes light up and make you feel honestly invincible.

Move, Shake, Hide , Why do you hate me?

4. Cherry glazerr

Image result for cherry glazerrImage result for cherry glazerrImage result for cherry glazerr

Alternative-Indie, some songs are more gritty and badass while some are more dreamy …the kind of music you’d have if you were in an alternative teen movie or stuck in a roadtrip montage, and I am beyond phyched for their new album Apocaliptick to be released next year

White’s not my colour this evening – scream the lyrics next time your on your period, if you find yoursef in an enormous amount of pAinn

Teenage girl – Feel like your floating

New bands

5. Dot legacy

Image result for dot legacyimg_20161208_161216screenshot_2016-12-07-23-59-30-1

French Alternative Stoner-rock band who I saw last week right before an utter creep almost ruined my night who i’ll have to talk about another time!

They were so mental live and if there were more people there would have been moshpits everywhere, and no one would have been standing still, the front singer was diving off the amps and it’s really easy to get into.

Gorilla Trainstation , Kennedy

6. The Kut

Image result for The kutImage result for The kut


Mario , Leave no trace

If you got to the end, well done for actually reading a 16 year old who thinks she’s a music critic x

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How to dress like a fictional character: Janis Ian

(this would have been so much better if i posted this on halloween)

Well I recently found out Janis Ian was originally just a massive parody of ‘goth girls’ but I love her to death, in my opinion she’s one of the most brilliant/quotable/genuine characters in mean girls.

Exhibit A:                                                                      Exhibit B:

Here’s a haul of janis Inspired clothing:



Where to find them:

Top left: Black gypsy skirt (bonprix)

Top middle: Grey top (blueinc)

Top right: Army jacket (Asos)

Middle left: Joy division top (Etsy)

Middle: Striped socks (Amazon)

Middle right: Converse (Asos)

Bottom left: Purple blazer jacket (Voonik)

Bottom middle: Spotted bow tie (ties planet)

Bottom left: Purple trousers (French Connection)

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*obscure* playlist (ha so pretentious)

These are some bands and songs that other people have recommended and I’ve found: (I think I was looking for some more *obscure* stuff when I was in a “oh I’ve heard everything there is” mood – turns out I really haven’t!)

1. the affectionate punch – the assosiates, 2. Loves easy tears – Cocteau twins, 3. Its only time – the magnetic fields, 4. Tactless – the band of holy joy, 5. You should always keep in touch with your friends – the wedding present, 7. Cruelty – the wolfhounds, 8. Fall down (like the rain) – the mightly lemon drops



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I have Nothing to offer, but confusion

wannadies album cover

I hate these artists and bands because you cant just be so wonderful, but have no one know about you.

wannadiessThe wannadies:

Theyre a Swedish alternitave/rock band who were pretty big in the 90s.Now they’re mostly well known for ‘you and me song’ but there are lots of other songs which are so overlooked. These are good to start off with:

hit:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjlQy1Fmn7E

Someone, somewhere :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNTeDXScO4Q

Veruca salt

veruca salt .verucasalt

Im obsessed with them at the moment, Theyre a grunge/rock band (90s again) And if you haven’t heard of them before they remind me a little bit of the breeders. Nina Gordon and Louise Post are the greatest leads you could ask for, oh and also *sets off firecracker* THEY’RE BACK TOGETHER!!! Seether, Volcano girls, All hail me, shimmer like a girl and Number one blind (my favourite) are all crazy good. (and i had like the biggest crush on 90s louise haha)

FUN FACT: Louise dated Dave Grohl for a while.

Volcano girls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyVSKydUxKk  oh god the guitar solo, and the vocals and the music video are amazing, please be warned its extremily catchy.

Seether: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jC9AUR-iTo0 Their first big song i think.

Number one blind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jC9AUR-iTo0 i heard it’s pixies influenced (and about a hangover)

All hail me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jC9AUR-iTo0 Darker than the others i mentioned here.

Throwing Muses

throwing muses throwing musess

Alternitave/rock i guess, and the lyrics are kinda beautiful sometimes. I dont wanna pretend i know loads about them, because i will fall flat on my face, be called out by someone and be banished from the internet. But Counting backwards and Bright yellow gun are my favourites.

Counting backwards: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jC9AUR-iTo0 another good song for floating round the room with lace and scented candles

Bright yellow gun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jC9AUR-iTo0 I have some of these lyrics on my wall

Courtney Barnett

courtney barnett guitar

 I DONT CARE IF SHE PLAYED AT GLASTONBURY still barely anyone i know has heard of her, AND ANOTHER THING whatever she makes, needs to be doubled, caus her lyrics are genius.

She’s Australlian indie/rock singer/songwriter/guitarist. Start off with Pedestrian at best, Avant gardener, Dead fox and an illustration of lonliness.

Pedestrian at best: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-nr1nNC3ds

Avant Gardener: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcnIhzaDTd0

Dead fox: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Njb3JTZ1ibY

An illustration of lonliness (sleepless in NYC): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Njb3JTZ1ibY

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I’m either calling this: *annoying zoella voice* “OMG ATTIC HAUL” or ‘Dreams unwind, loves a state of mind’, Haven’t decided yet  (it’s about the Stevie nicks outfit basically) 

So I was in oxford for aages at my grandma (fellow ginger comunity*) and grandads house, when in the attic i discovered the biggest clothes stash you have ever seen.

Among the haul of stuff i ended up adopting  including such items as: a coat cape, the variety of 90s dresses,and there was an ACTUAL stevie nicks outfit!!)

Stevie nicks outfit bellas houseDSCF4312

Amazing for floating around, surrounded by scented candles and music feeling witchy and fabulous, but gets so many weird looks/Comments in public its awful.

But sometimes you have to release your inner Luna Lovegood and not give a crap what a few close-minded judgemental people think.

PRODUCT PLACEMENT:  The picture on the left was taken by my very good friend, who happens to be a photographer and is one of the best artists i know, if you feel like checking her out you can find her at either @bella.shorrock or @blue.drawings on instagram.
JUST IN CASE ANYONE OUT THERE CARES: Extremily stupid act of the day:


(i only got round to writing rhiannon lyrics till i fell asleep……)

*Ginger comunity: I have this theory (correct me if im wrong) that most gingers have an unspoken respect for eachother! and You can legitamately shout GINGER HIGH FIVE or ask for suncream and its possible, is it just me? x

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A concert triggered an obsession with Stevie Nicks

So last month I saw Fleetwood Mac…… ASDFGHJKL  They were ridiculously good!!  haha Stevie nicks’ dancing plus Lindsey’s acoustic version of big love was a deffinate highlight 🙂

They had so much stage presence, and Rhiannon and gold dust woman looked and sounded beautifuuuulll with the costume changes and the light and the gold dust backdrop and the lyrics are so beautiful anyway *dies*

And Christine Mcvie was back for the first Time in years-when little lies was playing in it was best atmosphere you could imagine, maybe it was the keyboard and the xylophone, maybe it was the chorus I don’t know 🙂

Bonus: it was great that Lindsey and Stevie didn’t look like they wanna kill eachother.

The crowd was awful though, you have no idea.

They tried to do a call and answer several times (Fleetwoods manic drum solo and second hand news) and just NOTHING, just sat there In dead silence…..one guy in his 50s the row behind us  was on their laptop the whole way through.

But I can honestly say that was the best concert I’ve seen, Im still suffering PCD (post concert depression) and I can’t get over how cool Stevie nicks is.

(My amazing photography skills haha, to be fair It was the least of my worries at the time, They were playing the chain, I didn’t care about anything else)  
  The tour programme (I normally don’t go this out on merch, but this was an exception )

 (me looking rediculously awkward in this amazing sisters of the moon t shirt)



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It’s another playlist

I am quite sorry i haven’t posted in a while, a lot of things has been going on and i have been doing things for the first time in my life.


Things i have done: i went to a party!!!!!!!!! (It was a dress up one and i dressed up as slash from guns n roses)

I went to a music thing it turned out to be mostly year 4s apart from my school and in song writing we had to do that as a whole class. The song ended up as:

Only verse in the tune of old mc Donald had a farm

I am confident i am proud
I have power like the cloud
We are stable we are strong
We have power LIKE KING KONG


Mad explosions
Strong, strong destruction
Now its time to start
Start construction


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